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Where Do Dispensaries Get Their Weed?

29 Jan 2021, 08:42 GMT+10

This is a digital era where everything is going online, and weed dispensaries have not been left out. Many consumers are now opting for online shopping rather than trekking or driving to a store. Besides, many weed users love to make it private, and since the online dispensaries package the weed so well, most weed consumers have embraced this new norm.

Moreover, Canadian online and local dispensaries are becoming competitive because of the significant increase in online dispensaries forcing them to provide better service, better products, more product options, and better prices to retain customers.

However, many dispensaries in Canada get their weed from Online Dispensary Canada. The dispensary acquires all their marijuana from the BC's best craft manufacturers and growers. All of these CBD oil products are lab tested to ensure quality and potency.

Additionally, they also provide typical CBD oils and cannabis strains, and more marijuana concentrates like THC oil and distillate.

How to Choose a Weed Dispensary

A good weed dispensary will provide quality and different product options. In the larger stores, both local and online shops, you can get strains of varying levels of potency.

Selling and growing weed has become a booming industry in Canada, and new strains are developing every day.

Moreover, many online dispensaries have opted to grow their weed while others source it from Online Dispensary Canada to maintain quality and customers. It is very crucial to ask for the strain source while buying cannabis.

In addition to that, you should prioritize weed dispensaries that can offer a broader range of products. Most importantly, ask for lab tests to enjoy your weed without worries.

Read reviews

While buying and picking the right cannabis choice online, you need to:

  • Check previous customers' experiences: Whether it's a local store or online dispensary, customer reviews are very important to ensure you are getting the right product worth your money.
  • Go through the dispensary store reviews: If they have a website to help you understand their products.
  • Ask questions: Many weed dispensaries have good budtenders who can answer your questions efficiently. Whether you want to know how the products work or how the weed is obtained, they will help. Also, asking questions will allow the seller to recommend the best strains for your personal preference and taste.

Why is it Important Where Dispensaries Get Their Weed?

Where and how the weed is grown affects the buds produced, aroma, purity, price, and the specific effects on consumers.


The terpenes in cannabis are what controls its flavor, while cannabinoids are for maintaining strain's strength. Focused and intelligent methods of growing to ensure the strain's unique color and flavor are preserved while maximizing cannabinoids like CBD and THC. Farmers control humidity, lighting, and temperature. Others grow cannabis free of synthetic chemicals, but they use organic methods to grow quality weed.


When a farmer applies harmful chemicals or uses improper growing methods, or testing isn't done, trace amounts of mold, heavy metals, and pesticides can get into the finished product.

Therefore, when choosing a weed dispensary, ask about their weed growing and lab tests. Many weed growers indicate how they grow and if they use organic methods. Those who obtain their weed from credible sources will tell you their growers' farming methods and how they test the strains.


The type of growing method used has a direct impact on the price of the strain. The hard to find and high-quality pieces are highly-priced because they also cost the grower a lot to produce. On the other hand, other strains are expensive as they cost more to produce, although they don't seem special.

Once you trust the dispensary to use the right growing methods, you will buy confidently, knowing every product is worth your money.


You can't stop enjoying weed just because one dispensary sold poor quality weed. This doesn't mean all the other weed dispensaries offer the same. The weed growing methods vary from one grower to the other. These growing methods also affect the potency and strength of the strain. Also, weed has different effects on different people.

How Does the Dispensary Stock its Shelves

Most dispensaries source weed from commercial growers and stock their shelves with new strains. In most cases, such a dispensary is restricted to the quality and selection of the weed available. It doesn't have authority over the growing methods meaning purity might be a problem.

However, other marijuana stores outsource the growing task where they have a say over what they want and the farming methods.

Final Thoughts

While spending your hard-earned money, don't feel afraid to ask all the necessary questions. Hop around the weed dispensary's page to learn their growing methods. Before putting it in your body, verify if it's quality and from a source that cares about your happiness and health.

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