Wed, 03 Mar 2021

A product's design, style, and aesthetics frequently become overlooked and neglected, ultimately succumbing to not receiving enough attention, care, and diligence needed during the developmental process. We find that often, the designers are undervalued, underappreciated, and paid far less than the actual product's developers. What should be acknowledged is that the product's look and feel make customers buy it for the first time. The product's design, packaging, and style language are the fundamental part that the customer notices. It is the sole reflector of the brand and, more so, the product's quality. With this in mind, a young and immensely talented product designer, Jackson Hedden, decided to clear all negative views and perspectives about the design industry.

Designs Representing Quality

With the evolution of time and technology, human society has transformed from being a producer's society and to a consumerist society. The packaging and the design create the first impression of the product. Due to globalization, product design has become more important than ever. The market is saturated with the same kind of products, but it is only due to a good design aesthetic that enables a product to stand out from the rest. And Hedden's extraordinary product design strategy has been enabling the products to do that for a few years.

Born in Louisiana in the USA in June 17, 1993, Jackson Hedden earned his design degree from The Savannah College of Art and Design in 2016and the Hennessey Performance in2015. Jackson had an eye for designs from a very young age. The packaging, manufacturing design, and the overall look of the various products fascinated him a lot. According to Hedden, the role of a good product design is to effectively communicate the brand's message to the consumers. He pays great attention to details, which is why his designed products are labeled as 'charming' and 'unconventional.'

Jackson's approach to product designing is unique. He tries to establish an emotional connection with the product before launching the design into the market. He puts himself in the customer's shoes and thinks like a layman rather than a designer. His creative approaches and a new perspective towards traditionally design products is what makes him a trailblazer of iconic modern-day product designs.

He adds an artsy touch to every product that he designs and makes it look stunning. Hedden's design style is simple, sleek, and eye-catching. He does not believe in overdoing the design as it can spoil the product's message and image. Jackson is a conventional designer and follows the KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) design principle. According to him, a simple design does not unnecessarily distract or overwhelm the customer. In fact, it keeps the essence of the product and displays exactly what the product is for.

Less is More

Jackson is an ardent follower of the minimalistic trend. For him, going overboard with a product's design can ruin the product's image or blur out its original message. Minimalism is the key for him. His artistic yet minimalist approach to designs can be seen in all of his designs-one of the most recent works called 'Usual' - a subscription-based wine company in San Francisco. The design of the wine bottles is unlike the usual. The millennial generation was Jackson's inspiration while designing this product. The design of the bottle is the epitome of simplicity, neatness, and sleekness; something truly out of the box!

Another one of his masterpieces is the design of the 'Gillette Straight Razor Industrial.' To design this product, he created an emotional connection with it. He wanted to give a tribute to the legendary brand and give it a contemporary design that it deserved.

Jackson's latest work can be seen in the design of the 'ParticleBoard.' His modern and unique approach to the traditional design of a skateboard has created hype and rave about it in the market. His cutting-edge, ultra-sleek and minimalistic design have won the hearts of tech-lovers! It is one of his most famous creations to date.

This young individual has an elaborate list of high-end clientele, including 3M, Aerospace, Bentley, Bradley Bath, Ford, Honda, Hennessey, Kodak, Lamborghini, SCAD, Saturn Bath, Tonik, and many more. Jackson's chic designs have been recognized for numerous awards internationally. He has been nominated for design in fashion and material science. In addition to that, he has also been featured worldwide in publications, trademarks, and patents.

His designs have been appreciated and recognized by the IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) and EPDA (European Product Design Awards).

With his clean, modest, and award-winning designs, Jackson has established himself as an emerging talent clearly is a force to be reckoned with!

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