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How to Prevent Data Sprawl

19 Feb 2021, 18:02 GMT+10

Data is one of the company's most valuable resources. It is from the data that decisions are made, clients are understood and business operations are conducted. Accuracy, intactness and reliability of the data determines the success of a business. Owing to that relevance, managing data and ensuring it is well organized remains a core mandate for every company. It is worth noting that the more the business expands, the more data it generates and this calls for expansion in the data management team. Data sprawl simply means the inability of a company to manage and control the generated data.

Advance to Cloud-Based Storage

Storing data in files, papers and computer folders is a thing of the past. In the computers, data can easily be lost if the files are deleted or attacked by a virus. This means you could lose all the company data making you to bring your company operations to a standstill. When you migrate to cloud storage, you end up having the best accessibility of the data with just a simple internet-enabled device. You also reduce the risk of losing data because for someone to access such data, he or she needs to have login details to emails and other software applications.

Use the Enterprise Indexing Feature

There are plenty of applications that use Artificial Intelligence to search for scanned files so that you get the desired information within seconds. This will save you from the search and look mechanism which precipitates the mixture of data. These data protection tools give indexes to all files such that when you want a certain file, you just search the index and you will see the file that you are looking for. Indexing of the files prevents the mixing up of files and loss of data. You are also capable of easily controlling the data.

Handle Every Data as It Comes

A lot of companies make a mistake of waiting until data piles up in the files. The truth is that data that has piled up is difficult to manage. Whether it is data from a business application, emails, sales data or any kind of data, make sure it is captured, analyzed and stored within the appropriate time. Waiting could make the data increase and become out of control. This will make you have the worse experience at all times because once data is out of control, you could encounter a data sprawl.

Add Data Access Restrictions

When it comes to data access, a lot of companies allow all the employees to have access to the information of the company. That is right but you don't know who will mess up with the organization of the information. It is better to put multilayered security so that before someone accesses the information, there need to be various steps.

Some information should only be accessed by admins to avoid the mix-up of the data. As a company, making your data accessible by plenty of people exposes it to a lot of thefts, threats and mixing up. Always make sure you only have the right person accessing the right information at the right time.

Make Use of Online Data Sharing Tools

Sometimes you have several teams on the ground that need to share information with each other for businesses to occur. If you don't use the best information sharing method, you may end up losing or mixing the data. An example is when you have to put up hard copy files so that each member of the company can have it.

Get software that will enable you to share information online so that you don't have to share using hard copy files or exchange emails. Online data sharing applications are plenty and you just need to make sure you give it the best installation and it will work wonders.

Move-in One Pace with Your Business Expansion

An expansion on your business is an expansion on your company data. This means if you delay in managing the company's data as the company expands, you will soon lose control of the data. as the business data keeps on increasing, you should be looking for more ways to ensure you increase the data management and handling.

Increase data management software or tools, add more employees to handle the data and improve your cloud storage accounts so that you can handle more. Take for example your business gets 100 clients more every day, you will need to ensure those clients are well-handled and their perfectly managed. If you delay in data management, you end up losing, missing or recording the wrong data.

Review Data Volume Regularly

As a company owner, it is important to regularly monitor data and its management. The moment you see there is a breach, mixing up of the data or any kind of disruption, make sure you take immediate action so that you don't lose control of the data. You can even train your team to handle data as required to ensure it doesn't mess up with the information. Every day you train your employees on data management, you reduce the risk of data sprawl in your company. As you review data, you will also be able to note when it starts getting out of control. This will enable you to take serious precautions to ensure you hold the data in control so that it doesn't mix up.


Data Sprawl is not good for a company because besides creating confusion, it can also bring forth a bad reputation for your company. You need to ensure you are always vigilant of data issues because data is the backbone of business operations. Get used to using data management tools because are designed to ensure all data is well-organized and stored to avoid inconveniences and confusions. Training of the staff on data handling is also important because some of them may not even be aware of the risk of data mix up in a company. Make use of technological advanced methods for you to have the best data management and handling.

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