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How to Start Homeschooling Today? Top 7 Best steps

06 Apr 2021, 06:17 GMT+10

If you're interested in homeschooling but not sure how to start homeschooling today, then this article will help you most.

This article is written in such a way that it's what I suggest to anybody who asks me how to start their homeschooling expedition.

In fact, the decision of homeschooling may seem to someone profuse but there are many guardians who want to homeschool their children.

Because by dint of homeschooling, guardians can control their kids' education as well as can make up a deficiency of their kids' learning with extra lessons.

Besides, in this age of ultra-modern technology, homeschooling has been very easy and popular for various smart devices, social media, and video sharing sites.

Your kids now can learn from home from many great teachers using YouTube, the zoom app, Facebook, and more.

So Let's Know the 7-Step on How to Start Homeschooling Today

1. Make a Family Decision to homeschooling

In fact, homeschooling is totally related to the family attempt. It's important to make a homeschooling decision of homeschooling with all the family members.

In this case, you may take time and make a commitment. Because if any family members are not interested in homeschooling, then this reaction may not be optimal for your kids' home learning experience.

Besides, if you have two children and one wants to go to a traditional school then also it may cause a conflict between the two children.

So, it's most important to decide on homeschooling together with all the family members.

To achieve a successful experience from the start of homeschooling, you should give a high level of support to your kids.

Some family members can do negatively react to homeschooling due to having a lack of understanding of the value of homeschool learning.

That's why; you should convince them and let them know the importance and positive sides of homeschooling.

  • Know Your State Laws about Homeschooling
  • Some states may have different laws about homeschooling. So, you must know your state's law about homeschooling. If your state doesn't allow then you can't homeschool your kids.

    Or you may need certain qualifications to homeschool your children in your state. So, you have to know whether homeschooling in your state is legal or illegal.

    Usually, you will find this information from your states' educational website. Or, you may search on google typing 'Name of State + home education.'

    If you stay in such a state where homeschooling is legal then you may discuss with other established homeschool families in your zone for a better experience.

    3. Find homeschool Co-op groups or actively engaged in homeschool Facebook groups

    You need to connect with Facebook groups or other families who are actively engaged with homeschooling. In the cases of the Facebook group, there may be an admin or moderator who lets the group members know about the requirements and opportunities of homeschooling.

    Some of the website holders or Facebook group holders may require fees for letting know the information or keeping you updated about homeschooling.

    You also may connect the people who are involved in homeschooling. You can get more experience from them.

  • Give Value to Your Kids' Preferences
  • It's more important to evaluate your kids' preferences, interests, likes, and dislikes. Create love and interest in homeschooling among them. Try to find out what they want and like. You have to homeschool your kids in their preferred way so that the atmosphere of learning may be positive. There are many methods of homeschooling and among them, you have to apply what your kids prefer.

  • Choose Your Homeschool Curriculum
  • This is an important section of homeschooling, In this part, many families fall in conflict about what they should choose. In fact, what curriculum you have to choose for your kids' homeschooling that's quite difficult.

    However no problem at all! If you find many curricula then you have to consider what will be the best for your kids.

    And according to your kids' preferences, you should choose the curriculum. You may find many curricula materials on the internet for free.

    Besides, you may discuss with the homeschooling families to make a decision about the curriculum.

  • Ensure Homeschooling Space, Materials, and Resources
  • You have to ensure homeschooling materials, space, and resources for your kids. Choose the perfect space for homeschooling your kids. In this case, some families choose the living or dining room.

    The others may choose a garage or basement area as a homeschool room. But the location is not in fact, the most important things are materials and resources.

    Your homeschoolers can do their best if they have proper materials like paper, a pencil, or a tablet for homeschooling with the internet. Keep in mind that you should use a surge protector for keeping your tablet safe from voltage inconsistencies.

    Besides, they require scissors, glue, and crayons to improve their learning skills.

  • Monitor Homeschool Progress
  • The big advantage of homeschooling is monitoring progress and you may take tests anytime you need. Basically, testing is less involved with homeschooling than in a traditional school.

    You can monitor your kids' homeschooling till the state requires testing. Additionally, you also can understand the lack of your homeschoolers taking tests and make a try to improve them for the state's final test.


    In conclusion, if you want to evaluate your kids' preferences and want to teach your kids in a better way outside of traditional school, then homeschooling is the best option.

    In a statistic, we found that most of the children and guardians who join in homeschooling expressed that they feel more advantages for their future.

    It's better than a traditional school in some aspects. So, make a try to homeschool your kids for a better future.

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