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Exclusive Interview with Echendu Ndubuisi

22 Apr 2021, 03:02 GMT+10

Echendu Ndubuisi

Today we'd like to introduce you to Echendu Ndubuisi.

It's an honor to speak with you today. Why don't you give us some details about you and your story?

Hello! Thank you for the invitation! I am Echendu Ndubuisi Anthony Humphrey popular known as Engr Echendu, from Rivers state Port Harcourt and I have been living for the most part of my life as an oil and gas merchant plus chemical engineer.

It has been indeed a wonderful experience as every day I confront various situations that demand me to go that extra mile before coming to a decision and of course taste success at the end of it. But it is only recently that I have turned towards other ventures interest in business procurement, mega malls, construction, Energy, water cargo handling, Travel and Tourism, and Hospitality and have been held up with trading in stock exchanges for some time now.

Overall this experience made me a different being from what I was a few years ago. However, I still believe in the saying 'once a student, always a student' and this sentence, in particular, reflects the work I take up on a day-to-day basis. Genesis Engineering was at all times right beside me however, my work made me dabble in various forms of knowledge. This incidentally led me from one thing to another and I landed up in Chemical Engineering through the flame of oil and gas merchant aspect of Engineering could not be turned down; thus, I am who I am, a person, a soul in quest of knowledge.

Tell us about the journey so far?

The journey of mine seems to be never-ending as I discover untried stuff which allows me to move in unfamiliar zones and come up with unconventional thoughts (yet successful) leaving me to add feathers to the cap or unforgettable experiences added to unforgettable lessons of life. It is of course a revived journey where I tend to be reborn for challenges upfront. Accidentally, being outspoken besides being an active student in college made me realize the potentials that lay ahead. They also led me to think of what wonders I could do only if my talent is utilized in a proper manner.

Did your study help in enhancing any skills?

Studying in one of the best colleges in the United Kingdom helped me hone my skills as well as inculcated in me a sense of discipline and the required self - resilient to see the team that I work with and myself as an achiever.

All in all, my experience, lessons that I got to pick - up on my way made me stronger by the passing days. Post my studies I started working like any other guy my age however, things were not the way I thought they should be. These thoughts kept me awake for many hours making me think deeply as to what was in life that I had not achieved yet.

Tell us about your Initial struggles as an entrepreneur and how did you start Echendu Group of Companies Ltd?

With a lot of courage from well-wishers, sound knowledge of the subject, and the ability to switch gears, I finally decided to turn the tables before it was too late. Standing where two roads diverged, mind in a dilemma still a hope to be among the stars created the ground to which I was supposedly going to build a small yet amazing company. This is a company, which ensures that the dreams of not only mine but people (my colleagues) are fulfilled.

Although my company has seen some rough patches still it continues to emerge like a diamond that goes through many cuts before becoming one of those few things to shine forever.

Echendu Group of Companies Ltd. - My Dream, My Company, My Second Family.

What's the vision of Echendu Group?

Oh! I could very well tell it to be my First Family! Yes, this is my dream - My Echendu Group of companies built after efforts made by a team of people who believe in a vision and me to stand tall through thick and thin. I would ever be grateful to all the wonderful souls associated with this family of mine. On the other hand, we at ECG, believe to bring in the best out of things given to us in a raw or half-cooked manner. This is the best part of the story as it is these brainstorming sessions that all of us at Echendu Group look forward to. The reason behind such a statement is that we get to work a lot on our talent and definitely emerge as a winner.

Let's talk about the work you do at Echendu Group. What do you specialize in?

We at Echendu Group is a family which has its branches spread across numerous Oil and Gas, Energy, Mega Malls, Business Procurement, and many other services such as Cargo Handling, Construction, Travel and Tourism, Warehousing and Hospitality, and our charity organization The Echendu Unify, etc.

Who would you like to thanks the most?

My Family, My Blessing! Spreading my wings this far would not have been possible without the constant support of my treasured family. My Parents have time and again proved that they are with me any time of my life and the same thing goes with my Aunty and my wonderful Daughter that I am proud of. I simply can never stop gushing about my family no matter where they are because it is for them that I am here today. I would be ever thankful for their support, words of encouragement, and blessings showered upon me.

Special thanks to The University of London UCL where I bagged my degree in Chemical Engineering and to Harvard University, I say thank you for training me in Foundation Leadership and lastly to the Metropolitan School of business for the knowledge impacted in me on Data Science.

To my business family, Global Chamber of Business Leaders, thank you!

How people can connect with you?

In case you wish to know more about my company then it is just a click away,,

Follow me on my social media platforms:

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube @engrechendu.

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