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Can Betta Fish Hear You Talk to Them?

29 Apr 2021, 04:42 GMT+10

Every fish has their own personality. As we know, betta fish are talented and intelligent. They can quickly respond to water vibration. Sometimes you will see betta swimming to you after you call its name.

You will wonder about this to know if betta really understands your voice. So, we reveal everything about its hearing capabilities. We are sure you will be surprised to know about this cute fish.

Betta Fish and Hearing

Betta fish have no ears structures, but they have ears. If you look closely, you will see small holes on both sides of their heads. These holes allow them to hear sounds and perceive every object like a predator.

However, they can detect prey through odors and sights. Although the vibration of the water does half the work of finding the target.

Betta is not a super hearing fish, but their ear is enough to hear you. To learn more about betta fish and find betta fish for sale click here.

Is it Possible for your Betta Fish to Recognize Your Voice?

Yes, they can detect your voice, but this can't be 100% accurate. Generally, there will be no opportunity to communicate with them. So, there are many more ways through which the betta can recognize you.

If you regularly give time to your betta and try to talk, it will gradually understand your voice, look and movements. However, it takes one or two months for betta fish to recognize you properly.

If you do not want to talk with it regularly, you will still have a few chances. Try to feed and play with it every day, it will slowly understand and try to connect with you. We recommend spending 10 to 15 minutes a day if you want betta to know your face.

Can Betta Fish Understand Noise Or Sound?

Now that we have a clear idea about betta fish can hear us. We should also need to know what we shouldn't do in front of this lovely fish. Though betta fish understand our voice, we need to keep them away from loud noise or sound.

Generally, a betta dislikes loud noise, so keep their place free from the sound. Don't set your fish tank where TVs, amplifiers and other noisemakers are. If you don't want them to be afraid, also avoid tapping on the fish tank glass. This is very important to follow.

If you want betta to understand you, pay more attention and care to them. And don't forget to keep your fish in a quiet place, otherwise, it will endure unnecessary stress.

Final Words

If anyone asks, can betta fish hear us? Answer them, yes.

People may fail to find their tiny ears, but that doesn't mean they don't have ears. They can hear, even recognize us. If you can make a good bond with them, they will soon make you a good friend. Keep them away from loud noise, or they will be afraid and feel uncomfortable.

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