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How to Optimize the SaaS Website

29 Apr 2021, 21:17 GMT+10

Before identifying the best ways to integrate SEO for SaaS companies, it worth mentioning what the SaaS business model is itself. Briefly, SaaS or software-as-a-service is one of the ways to deliver computer programs to the consumers. The software is located and managed within the cloud platform and accessed by users via the internet. The customers have to make regular payments based on the subscription model to get access to the service.

While SaaS SEO may seem a bit complicated, there are plenty of ways to make it work for you efficiently. For startups, creating an SEO SaaS strategy might be particularly essential and helpful. SaaS enterprises might also benefit from constantly reviewing SEO approaches and improving them.

What is SaaS SEO?

As with any other strategy, SaaS SEO implies a number of operations and techniques that help to increase organic traffic. SEO for SaaS companies is also aimed to implement strategies that would bring the SaaS website on the first page of results in search engine. That is why it is necessary to create an SEO SaaS plan that would help to achieve those goals.

Regardless of the business model, whether it is SaaS or any different one, the behavior of a search engine remains pretty much the same. The quality of content, internal linking, adherence to the responsive design are a part of the SEO for SaaS websites. Those tactics are included in the on-page SaaS SEO to improve the position of the website in SERP.

Apart from on-page SaaS SEO, there are off-page SEO factors that also influence the SaaS website rankings. Those are domain authority, local SEO, backlinks - these factors usually fall beyond the active control. However, there are solutions that would help to keep these areas work for you.

When other websites have backlinks to your website, that has a great potential to increase the domain authority of the SaaS website. Appropriate link-building strategies may bring the expected results. One of the tactics is to buy niche backlinks from the websites that also operate in your industry. Gaining such backlinks would be relevant to the sphere you work in.

How is SEO for SaaS different from traditional SEO?

To improve your SaaS SEO strategy, keep in mind the structure of the SaaS website. It may vary depending on your company's industry of operation. Anyway, it is recommended to keep CTA buttons and internal links within various pages. Creating a blog section on the SaaS website is also very common.

As a blog is an important part of the SaaS website, much attention is obviously dedicated to content creation and keyword research. Google and other search engines become smarter each year, so they also consider the natural language while crawling the pages. Thus, instead of simply stuffing the article with keywords, it is crucial to provide information that would be easy to read for the potential consumer.

Dedicate enough time to researching the topics that might be attractive for users. Based on that, make corresponding keyword research and competitors' analysis. That way, you will know which websites are ranked with certain keywords. Also, it will be obvious whether there is any space to create articles with those keywords to outrank the competitors' websites.

The creation of quality content is essential, though other things should be also taken into account while creating a SaaS SEO plan. Regular content optimization, link-building strategy, analysis of the first page of search engine results are the same important.

How on-page SaaS SEO helps startups

New companies in the market and startups should rely on the on-page SaaS SEO. This has a great potential to improve the website rankings and earn organic traffic. It is worth dedicating time and effort to the on-page SaaS SEO as it offers more control than off-page SEO.

SaaS startups should rely on their content and its quality. This blog might be particularly useful for learning several ways to build brand authority with content marketing effectively.

Besides the articles that would match the interests of the target audience, other on-page factors do matter. One of those is creating meaningful titles and headers throughout the page. Making meaningful meta descriptions and inserting appropriate images make sense as well.

Whilst on-page SaaS SEO helps to enhance organic traffic of the website, do not overdo it. Keep in mind on-page optimization techniques that search engines consider outdated or unnatural. Those are not likely to improve the performance of your SaaS website pages.

Improving your enterprise SEO Saas

As SaaS companies might be different, the range of services they offer might also vary. Subsequently, the number of pages on various SaaS websites is diverse. For instance, enterprises have a complicated website structure with lots of web pages and links.

Enterprise SEO for SaaS companies is very similar to traditional SEO but it considers the number of web pages to deal with. Thus, to improve your enterprise SaaS SEO, it is necessary to perform a regular audit in terms of website optimization. That includes keyword review, content improvement, and internal linking.

See whether your pages rate well with previously chosen keywords and update or substitute them if needed. Content improvement and update should be a must within the enterprise SEO SaaS plan. Adding links to new pages to already existing pages from time to time also has great potential for optimization.

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