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Bicep Exercises Celebrities Stand By

04 May 2021, 09:33 GMT+10

For the perennial gym-goer, there is no doubt the biceps are the most popular muscles to target. After all, whenever we hear about going to the gym in popular culture, biceps are what we usually hear from people. Perhaps this can be traced back to the 70s in the days that Hulk Hogan was the most popular superstar in the WWF roster and one of the most popular figures in sports entertainment in general. In every interview, he would always find a way to mention that he has the biggest biceps in America - though in a very parodical manner. Then you have comedy influencers in today's social media that are in the bodybuilding space like Robert Frank who hails from New Jersey. Part of his recurring repertoire of jokes is that he would only focus on biceps and chest and skip leg day as much as he can.

Of course, there are more celebrities out there that have incredible-looking biceps. If ever you find yourself in a position where you have more time to clang and bang in the gym and you need some inspiration - here are some celebrities that have the best biceps and how you can achieve them too.

Mark Whalberg

If you have seen the movie 'Daddy's Home' starring Mark Whalberg and Will Ferrel - you would know that he has a lot of shirtless scenes in that movie and that his biceps really stand out. If you want to achieve biceps like that the best workout that you should go for is the standard standing barbell bicep curl.

To do this workout you just stand up with a barbell with the necessary weight of plates that you can handle. You simply curl the barbell up while making sure to keep your elbows pinned to your body so that you do not cheat on the movement.

Dwayne Johnson

If you are a bigger gentleman, it would only be fitting that you focus on having mass on your biceps as well. Without a shadow of a doubt, there is no celebrity out there that you would associate with bicep mass more than Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Let's not beat around the bush - his biceps are enormous.

If you want to achieve that kind of mass for your biceps - genetics aside of course - the best exercise to do is a dumbbell preacher curl where you just sit down with your arms held by a platform and do a curl like you would normally do.

Hugh Jackman

When you think about superheroes with biceps you would probably think about Wolverine. After all, who could forget about the scene from one of the X-Men movies where he gets his superpowers for the first time as he rises from the water. His biceps in that scene were incredibly defined and this was accentuated even further because of the water.

If you seek this kind of bicep definition one of the best bodyweight bicep exercises that you can do is a simple plank. You just keep yourself on the ground vertically by your forearms and you will notice that your biceps and abdomen will really feel the burn!

Of course, aside from this guide, you have a ton of resources at your disposal if you really want to have the best biceps that you can possibly imagine. Make sure that you actually do your research on the anatomy of the arm so that you know exactly what you want out of your bicep exercises. Follow these tips carefully and your guns will be looking like Hulk Hogan's - brother!

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