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PHP remains the most rational and popular choice for web development. In 2021, PHP empowers 79.1% of the world's websites and is ranked among the world's top 10 most popular programming languages. When it comes to creating web solutions, PHP is so attractive because it is easy to learn, runs on almost any web server. It includes extensive structures. This is why most business owners choose PHP Development Company for their websites.

In addition to the PHP Development Company, many web developers agree that PHP is easy to choose. However, PHP is a scripting language. Therefore, for the web site's ultimate success, you hire a PHP developer who can bring you good results with optimal agility.

You may need a real professional to build a robust and effective PHP web development. Choosing the best from a large pool is a difficult task. However, there are many other factors such as experience level, technical capabilities, a budget that influence PHP hiring.

In this article, I have mentioned what a PHP programmer's skill set consists of and how to hire top PHP developers for their web app development.

Key skills of a PHP developer-

PHP developer skills include the basic skill set of the average web developer and the skills required to write PHP code.

The average back-end web developer should analyze website requirements, troubleshoot code, implement database solutions, and add back-end features to increase performance.

PHP developers require the same basic skills; they must know working with PHP web frameworks such as Laravel or CodeIgniter. In addition, they should also practice object-oriented programming (OOP) in PHP.

PHP developers should know how to use PHP for this purpose through the creation of classes and objects.

Roles and Responsibilities of PHP Developer -

  • PHP developers have a range of responsibilities and tasks in web development projects-
  • Developing and deploying web apps efficiently while meeting all deadlines.
  • Handling compatibility issues, browsers, or software program versions.
  • Collaborating with all project stakeholders and working in a team on app development as per product requirements.
  • Support of provisioned apps and updates timely.
  • Add new features to existing apps or enhance them.

Things to keep in mind to hire dedicated PHP developer -

Do not ask clichéd questions.

You have done a lot of research about PHP, assessed your needs, and finally interviewed trusted candidates. The next step is to make a list of questions. But there is a variation to include stereotypical questions such as - What is PHP? Who is the father of PHP?

It is best to ask questions that help you determine if the developer has the right skillet to fit your needs, such as how to set cookies in -PHP? How much experience do you have? How to encrypt data with PHP?

These questions test the candidate's technical skills and give you information about his technical strength.

Evaluate existing knowledge base skills-

Technology is changing at a rapid pace, so it is necessary to invest in a partner who is not only able to complete your projects but can stay up-to-date with the latest trends and pick up new skills along the way. To hire dedicated PHP developers, make sure it does what it does to keep itself updated with technology and trends.

Communication skills-

Communication should be a priority item on your checklist when you plan to hire a PHP developer. Of course, a PHP developer may not need to be as fluent in communication as HR, marketing, or legal. Still, it is a big mistake to think that communication is unnecessary.

On many occasions, the developer may need to talk to other members or clients of the top management. In such cases, if the developer fails to negotiate face-to-face with a client or cannot justify the budget required for development, it can be a major setback for the entire team.

Apart from this, the developer should also be familiar with various modes of communication such as audio, video, web, email, and phone. Therefore, in addition to testing communication skills as a PHP Development Company / Businessman, it is also necessary to evaluate whether they are ready to use your choice's communication/project management tool.

Attitude estimation-

Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines, 'Hire for attitude, train for skill, ' said there is a mantra you might find someone who is exceptionally good at PHP development. Still, if the developer has interpersonal skills, an enthusiastic personality, or a lack of soft skills like having a learning attitude. Therefore, assess the outlook as well.

Ask questions related to previous projects-

Whether it is a PHP development company or a PHP developer, it is important to inquire about previously worked projects. You can ask the candidate for a brief description of the projects they have worked on and how important their role was. A portfolio is a must-see to evaluate their real strengths and experience working on a project like yours.

The cost of Hire PHP developer: -

The costs of PHP developers are dependent on many factors that affect the hiring prices of PHP developers. Freelance developers choose their rates. Therefore, you need to examine the market offer to businesses and consider all the factors.

  • The PHP developer in the United States earns an average of $ 86,003 per year. And the total salary ranges from $ 15,500 to $ 136,500.
  • The cost of hiring a mid-level PHP developer in India is a $ 30 average hourly rate, and the cost of hiring a senior-level PHP developer is between $ 40 to $ 50.


The PHP programming language has been used for a long time to create web applications. In 2021, the PHP language remains relevant and supports 79.1% of the world's websites. Therefore, creating web apps with PHP is an optimal and effective solution for many businesses. The programming language is easy to use, highly portable, and fast, allowing you to create a GUI application!

To hire a PHP developer, you need to consider many factors to make safe apps out of your project budget. These factors include the skill set of PHP developers, hiring freelancers, or hiring a PHP developer. Apart from this, you can hire a PHP Development Company, which can meet all your needs.

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