Fri, 07 Oct 2022

Personal branding is one good way to influence public support and enhance your market image. It also comes in handy to gain followers and establish your authenticity.

Even at an individual level, the marketing techniques come with excellent benefits. It improves your credibility, presents you as a professional, and most importantly helps you secure better opportunities.

With such benefits it's hard to believe that most people don't invest in Personal Branding due to the myths surrounding it. This post will introduce you to a few of these common misconceptions and tell you how they are far from the truth.

Personal Branding is All About You

The most common stereotype about personal branding is that it's centered around you. It sure is a part of the branding but not the key point. At iIt's core, personal branding is how the other sees and says about you.

The principle is obvious; your brand as a person is directly linked with the value you bring and the way you bring to others. It is what people will remember, and share when you're not around.

Moreover, no person or business ever starts perfectly. There are always some errors, lack of knowledge, and room for improvement. If you treat trading like it's all about yourself, it won't work. You need to consider feedback from both your users and team members to thrive.

Personal Branding is for Popularity

People new to branding often relate it to popularity and marketing. But personal branding is more about getting an appearance rather than getting famous. It's about influencing others to follow you and learn about your brand values.

Yes, you do need business, but more than that, you need loyalty. It's simple, if you attract a customer, they make a sale. But if you get their loyalty, they will spread words about your initiative.

And you don't need a wider audience but a selective audience for a business. It's easier to convince people connected to you rather than the general audience.

Branding Involves Expensive Content Creation

Good content is a must for any marketing strategy. It's the hook that attracts and pursues your potential followers to stay. And it's the content that presents your message to the followers.

However, good content has nothing to do with expenses.

You can generate great content with simple equipment without using any professional tools; most people do. Even most Personal Branding Agencies will tell you to start with something simple to keep things on a budget.

The theory here is simple; it's more about originality, timing, and way of presentation. It's about presenting the natural essence of your brand, not it's budget.

Thus, a standard quality camera, some basic presentation skills, and a little editing are good to start a personal brand. Sure, you can upgrade them and invest more as you go. But that's a personal decision.

Personal Branding is Different From Corporate Branding

Believing that corporate and personal branding is entirely different is not uncommon. Any professional personal branding knows that personal and company branding has a lot in common.

To succeed in both, the brand should start on with a strong foundation, and a smart strategy. These strategies should then be translated into visual and verbal communication to reach the right people, in the right way.

Done correctly, and more importantly consistently the brand will grow and realise it's goal. Skipping parts of the branding process, would most likely end up with an unmemorable brand at the very best.

Perfection is a Must for Good Branding

Perfection is the biggest hoax of branding and marketing. It may be a must at some point or a couple of years back but not in the present market. It makes you look too much made up or fake, which no one likes.

Everyone knows that no matter how good or intelligent you are, you will make mistakes. After all, it's the bad decisions that lead you to good paths. Instead, people want to see the original and authentic you.

And to be honest, people are more attracted to a few flaws. It's simple for them to relate as it makes them believe that they are not too different from you.


Rumors have a high impact on the thinking of people. They influence and sometimes even cloud reality. The myths about personal branding that you read are just the tip of the iceberg.

There are plenty more misconceptions that prevent professionals from taking advantage of personal brands. You will find that the marketing technique is far better than anyone thinks. It's scary and needs some work, but the reward is worth it.

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