Wed, 28 Jul 2021

To accelerate skill development and impart knowledge and confidence within a child, the foundation years of his/her life play a vital role. Therefore, devoting those early years of the child to a trusted platform can result in reaching star heights! With the pandemic in place, if not offline, online mediums should undoubtedly be utilised in bringing fun activities for kids at home.

Hobbies not only keep children engaged and entertained but also give them numerous opportunities to express themselves. As the child moves a step closer to working towards his/her skill or hobby, an increase in self-confidence is observed. Moreover, many kids' hobbies are transformed into a defined career, therefore the development of these should be nurtured from the beginning.

Here's a list of hobbies to do online for a fun and learning journey towards spending free time wisely!

#1 DIY Crafts

DIY Crafts are not only creative and interesting, but they also teach children the importance of hard work. The child is more likely to devote adequate time and effort to each phase in order to reach his/her goal. The child gets to learn various art forms when they create things like a fancy mud pot out of an ordinary one which may serve birds or a lamp cover out of a hard sheet, etc.

#2 Storytelling

An inclination towards storytelling can be inculcated early in children to improve their language and grammar skills. This provides a window of opportunity to dive deeper and expand vocabulary through kid's stories. Storytelling online kids classes with professional staff could also aid their communication and presentation skills apart from their visualisation skills.

To begin with, parents can encourage their kids to write a gratitude note before sleeping or keep a diary where they write about their day. Writing can help them visualise, which will ultimately help them become great storytellers.

#3 Yoga

Early yoga practice can lower a child's risk of injury by allowing the body to become more flexible. Not only that, but it also helps the child to learn discipline and minimizes impulsivity. Yoga is thus one of the vital kids' hobbies because it helps build a healthy mindset. A healthy mindset leads to a healthy body.

#4 Dance

Dancing can improve the kids' physical health while enhancing their creative sphere. Self-discipline and time management are two cognitive skills that are cultivated through this activity. Plus, it is always fun to show off such skills at events!

#5 Cooking Classes

You are expanding your child's knowledge base and awareness of what is safe and what is not by introducing them to the kitchen and its various equipment. There is always a sense of pride and happiness in the eyes of children when they prepare a meal for their family. However, parents should assist their kids while cooking.


Providing a firm foundation for children's growth through activities that they enjoy can keep them interested in learning things. Foster your child's growth with Yellow Class. Enrol him/her in numerous online hobby classes to provide an enlightening yet entertaining learning process for a healthy and productive foundation period.

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