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Yes, But Can I Add Wheels To It?

15 Jul 2021, 22:02 GMT+10

Many pieces of furniture, such as a large shelf, are designed to be placed in one place for safety. However, Casters add the benefit of being able to easily move many other wheeled pieces of furniture. The benefits of being able to move furniture, such as chairs in the office, are obvious, but to have the option of mobility for other items in the office or at home is beneficial. After adding casters to small shelves, or tables, and even larger chairs and sofas, items can be moved around with ease.

Although some of these items rarely move, such as cabinets that only need to be moved during daily cleaning, if the furniture can be moved easily and clicked into place, these tasks can be completed faster. The cost of casters for these items is very low and choosing a caster with a fixed lock will ensure that the item will not move before you need it.

What should you consider when deciding on the type of wheels?

For casters that can easily move furniture, you need to consider three key characteristics: load to be carried, floor conditions, and mobility. Understanding your needs for wheels will help the experts ensure that you choose wheels that suit your specific needs.

Load bearing

Casters or wheels are divided into light, medium type, or heavy. Although many of your furniture needs can be met with lightweight casters, which can generally support 450-500 pounds, for very large furniture that can support weight, you may want to consider medium casters. Capacity is greatest at low temperatures, with a maximum payload of 500 to 1,500 pounds. Be certain of the weight or load which the wheels will carry, because moving the load can get difficult. It can even cause damage to the wheels, which means malfunctioning is possible.

Types of ground surfaces

Different ground conditions require very different types of rollers. If you use casters on carpeted floors, you may want to consider using steel, hard rubber, or hard synthetic casters to move without damaging the carpet. If you are looking for casters on a concrete floor, consider going for hard rubber or polyurethane casters, cast iron or steel casters will damage the concrete. Hard rubber or polyurethane wheels can also prevent slippage or abrasion of the floor surface.

Mobility and Maneuverability

When it comes to wheel mobility requirements, you need to determine whether you need to rotate the wheels for a greater range of motion or connect to furniture and simply move in a straight line. Additionally, you must also determine if you need to use brakes to lock the wheels in place and prevent the furniture from accidentally moving.

Expert Selection, High-Quality Service

When selecting your casters, have a dedicated service team assist you to help you solve your problems. Get the customer service team to answer all of your questions to make sure you get the right wheel for your specific job at a price that fits your pocket. It's a move in the right direction.

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