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Whether you are going into surgery for the first time or for revision purposes, knowing who will perform the procedure is essential. The first person you will want to know is your surgeon. While a surgeon is the most significant person for the job, it is impossible to commission surgical procedures without the presence of an anesthesiologist. If you are looking for a qualified anesthesiologist in Houston, the following qualities will help you make a wise decision on whom to choose.

What to consider when choosing an anesthesiologist

Although medical training and patient care are the first qualities to consider, an anesthesiologist's traits also play an essential role when selecting. Here are some qualities the Yancey Pain & Spine team possesses:

  • Should have the physical characteristics needed to stand in for surgeons
  • An anesthesiologist is the first point of contact patients see before going for surgery. Their work involves sitting or standing for long periods to ensure the surgery runs smoothly. Consequently, they should have the physical stamina and technical skill to handle regular medical care and emergencies.

  • They are problem solvers
  • Anything can go wrong during surgery. It takes excellent problem-solving skills to save the life of a patient. Part of the reason why a surgeon may need an anesthesiologist is to facilitate a smooth decision-making process. An anesthesiologist combines knowledge with clinical judgment and technical proficiency to make crucial decisions when under pressure. Since anesthesia is a versatile job description, a specialist should have the skills and experience to handle patients with more than one medical problem.

  • Should have excellent interpersonal relationships with patients
  • Surgeons hardly have time to speak to patients about their problems, especially after surgery. Anesthesiologists spend most of their time with patients, interviewing them before surgery and staying with them after surgery. A good specialist should possess a suitable bedside manner that helps them coordinate communication between patients, surgeons, and other medical practitioners. They should also simplify complex medical terms to allow a patient to make a well-thought-out decision.

  • They should be a team player
  • Surgical procedures like cesarean delivery require more than one medical practitioner. To ensure the process runs smoothly, medical providers must work as a team. Since an anesthesiologist provides pain management for mild and severe pain, a collaborative approach is essential. The bottom line is an anesthesiologist cannot work alone. They need others to save the lives of patients and make the medical environment friendlier.

    Are you ready for your surgery?

    Whether you have been diagnosed with heart disease or want to deliver your baby via the caesarian method, recognizing the role of an anesthesiologist will prevent you from experiencing surgical anxiety. Even if you do not know what will happen during your surgery, create time to understand your specialist in person. They have excellent interpersonal skills that help them explain complicated medical terms better. If you are worried about how your surgery will turn out, talk with a specialist. To learn more about anesthesiologist services, schedule a consultation with your doctor.

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