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Handy Tips and Tricks For Your RV Trip In California

30 Apr 2022, 04:42 GMT+10


Many people take the opportunity afforded by the festive season to go exploring in the States, taking their loved ones or close friends to make memories that will last a lifetime. Due to the unique combination of vast rolling landscapes, beautiful and lush forests, and towering natural scenery that stretches into the horizon and the sky, California in particular is a prime location for traveling — and many people use mobile homes to see the mountains, cliffs, forests and beaches of the Golden State. If you don't one a mobile home you can look for a campervan rental in california to bring you around!

This form of camping can offer access to California's visual splendor while also allowing families or camping groups places to rest — camping grounds offer places for mobile homes to rest and experience California's famously warm temperatures. In addition, these grounds are open all the time and can host families who have unconventional travel schedules.

We believe this state is especially beautiful in the fall — California's temperate climate and its outgrowths of colorful vegetation will make your journey all the more memorable. Furthermore, it is at this season that the regions of Central and Northern California become most affordable to travel in — the Valley's beautiful landscapes and Mount Shasta's soaring peaks are enjoyed best when you have to share them with fewer tourists. We've compiled a few arguments for this unconventional travel arrangement, read on!

Weather and Climate

California is a huge state, and people who are worried about climate should do more research on the specific areas you're planning to travel to in November. The North of the state is packed with both natural and monumental sights — there are natural parks and rolling forests as far as the eye can see, and hiking trails make them all accessible. Do beware of the advent of winter and its attendant snows: the region is famously harsh in this season, so make sure you have a route planned to move to the South or the Pacific cities.

In addition, you should expect limited rainfall and long-lasting cold weather in the North, as the Sierra Nevada mountain range is famously hostile to long-term camping. Hence, we recommend that extended vacations move to the South when winter comes, or national parks that are closer to warm climates like the Mojave and Joshua Tree National Parks. Coastal California's sunny and cosmopolitan atmosphere will be more than sufficient to satisfy your wanderlust.

Road Conditions

The North of the state offers a large number of nature parks and camping grounds, but these may close during winter proper. Hence, we suggest that long-term campers do their research on the camping grounds' opening and closing periods to be sure. However, as a general rule, the Southern part of the state is simply better connected and more open to RV camping (so long as you're accustomed to crowds of tourists). The camping grounds of the South are also diverse — users should find campgrounds that fully cater to their needs, and this will be based on what experiences they want to have.

If you wish to have an adventure far from the civilized world, state parks are optimal. They can also offer activities that cannot be found in the cities of the Coast — riding horses, embarking on walking trails, and boating along rivers. However, private camping grounds can offer more pampered tourists the full range of modern luxuries — including the use of running water, electricity, and good sanitation.

We also recommend tailoring your use of the campsite to the precise conditions of your family. Children and pets may have distinct needs for their camping sites — children will need more accessible recreational sites and medical facilities in case of injury, while pets may not even be allowed beyond specific sites where they are free to roam. In addition, large camping grounds usually offer a bunch of facilities, including laundry, cable, barbeque pits, pools, and even general stores — which should be discussed with significant others when planning expenses.

Choice of Location

It is the Sierra Mountains that so many nature-lovers are drawn to. If you wish to spend November amidst the soaring heights, we recommend that you go to Angels Camp, a perennially accessible camp that is located near one of California's most notable highways. The road is long and winding, but for those interested in American history, its passage through several quaint mining towns will be worth the extended travel time. On the other hand, if you're interested in hunting, consider the high deserts of the North, near June Lake, and the area of Bridgeport. Both these sites have both state and private camping grounds available for usage.

It is worth keeping track of traffic through the region at this time, as parks in the South are notably crowded during this period. Expenses may also be a concern to the more money-minded traveler — due to the high cost of living and fuel prices. Hence, if prices are your main concern, we recommend doing your research on the many free camping grounds managed by the State authorities, and rustic camping sites like the Imperial Dunes. However, there is a tradeoff to be made as some of these sites do not have good facilities or sanitation.

For those looking to travel to Yosemite, consider using the Mariposa area — it is affordable, has many different types of camping grounds, and contains beautiful views of its own within the National Forests.

Packing and Travel Tips

Always remember to pack for the climate you're entering — items like gloves and heat packs are critical to getting around on foot, and remember that your campfire will only be effective with a sufficient amount of fuel. Thermal gear is particularly important when you're traveling at high altitudes — depending on the weather you encounter, you might want to bring clothes that can be easily taken off as well to cope with sunny weather. The night, however, will invariably be cold.

Finally, always remember to think about your approach and book well ahead of time if necessary — many campgrounds accept reservations around half a year ahead of time, so always call ahead to find suitable and even well-priced deals. With that said, if you're more into spur-of-the-moment travel, the campgrounds you'll probably use will be limited in their amenities, so pack extra for the things you know you can't live without.


No matter your travel style or your mobile home model, we're sure California has a place for you! Wishing all readers the best of luck and safe travels in the Golden State!

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