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So you might have found this article because you, or perhaps someone you know, are looking into buying a mobility scooter and you're wondering just what it is, and why you should choose it over an ordinary mobility scooter.

A Folding mobility scooter is much like a standard mobility scooter, with many of the same features and functions. There is, however, a distinct difference between the two: a folding mobility scooter is designed to become compact in order to be transported with ease.

Keep reading, and we will share with you all the wonderful details you need to know about the best folding mobility scooters before you, or your relative or friend, make such an important decision.

They're designed to be portable

A folding mobility scooter is designed to make your life easier by folding into a compact, easy to move cube that can often fit into the back seat or trunk of a standard car. However, it is important to note, that there are some models of foldable mobility scooters that will require you to install a carrier on your car in order to transport it.

The portable nature of a folding mobility scooter means you will be able to travel to more places than you could before. With most mobility scooters, users are confined to the distance limit of the battery for where they can travel or even shop, but not with a foldable mobility scooter.

This also means that, should you be driving someone you know to a grocery store for example, and they rely on a mobility scooter to get around, you won't need to worry anymore about whether or not the grocery store will have one available for them, because you can just take this one with you!

Where can they be used?

Typically you would use a folding mobility scooter on a flat, smooth surface. This can be in your home, or outside on the sidewalk. A folding mobility scooter is allowed everyone that you would typically be allowed to walk around, as long as it travels slower than 4 miles per hour.

As with most mobility scooters, you are generally not allowed to use them on streets or highways. This is because they are simply not fast enough to keep up with traffic, and you could become a traffic hazard. There are a few exceptions to this rule however.

Should you wish to use your folding mobility scooter on a roadway, it will need to be able to travel at least 8 miles per hour, and it will need to be equipped with brake lights and turn signals so that drives and pedestrians alike can predict what your next move would be, and to keep you safe in general.

What is the weight limit of a folding mobility scooter?

The weight limit of a folding mobility scooter is very important to consider whether you are purchasing one for yourself or relative. This is, to put it simply, because the motor wouldn't be able to cope with the weight of an individual who exceeds the weight limit, and will therefore cause it to burn out.

With that said, a folding mobility scooter can typically support a user of up to 250lbs with a height of around 6 feet, however, this is a great deal of legroom so a taller individual may also be able to use one.

Folding mobility scooters unfortunately is not currently available for bariatric individuals, or for individuals over 300 pounds. This is because bariatric mobility scooters are bigger and bulkier than standard mobility scooters, and require a stronger, sturdier frame in order to work as intended.

How fast can they travel?

It is also important that you know how fast you'll be able to reach your destination when using a folding mobility scooter, or to simply know just where you will be able to use it.

The maximum speed at which a folding mobility scooter can travel is determined by just one factor: it's motor capacity. A mobility scooter with a low motor capacity would have a lower top speed, and one with a high motor capacity would have a high top speed.

Typically, a folding mobility scooter can travel up to 4 Mph, or 6 Km p/h. With this speed limit in mind, you will be limited to traveling on sidewalks only when outdoors, but you will be able to use it in any store or establishment.

However, there are faster folding mobility scooters that can travel up to 15 miles p/h, or 24 km p/h. This would allow you to travel on the roadways, but not highways if of course, it has all the necessary safety features.

How far will it take you?

You wouldn't want to be halfway to your destination and suddenly find yourself with a flat battery, so it's very important that you take note of how far your folding mobility scooter can travel with a full battery.

A standard folding mobility scooter can typically travel about 10 miles per charge or roughly 16 kilometers for our non-American readers. This is generally enough for most users to travel to a grocery store and back, or to use around their homes during the day.

For those of you looking for a longer distance, don't worry, there are options for you. On higher-end models of folding mobility scooters, you will be able to find one that can take you up to 25 miles, or 40 kilometers, on just a single charge!

How much does a folding mobility scooter cost?

A standard folding mobility scooter will, on average, set you back around $1000. You can, however, find a folding mobility scooter for as low as $800, or for as high as $3000! The price is determined by the design and functions of the scooter, therefore they will all be priced differently.


In conclusion, a folding mobility scooter will make your life easier. They are lightweight, portable, and generally have a good top speed and range. You won't need to spend an arm and a leg to buy one and you won't be confined to where you can use it.

About the author:

Trevor Fenner is the founder and owner of Mobility Paradise, a one-stop-shop for mobility scooters, electric scooters, electric wheelchairs, wheelchairs, oxygen concentrators, lift chairs, saunas, steam showers, massage tables, exercise equipment, electric bikes, massage chairs, and bathtubs. Years ago, Trevor's grandma had an accident that made her dependent on a wheelchair; this forced Trevor and his family to put her into an elderly care facility. Since then, Trevor would visit her to take a walk around the neighborhood. Mobility Paradise was created because Trevor couldn't find an online store that offers a wide selection of mobility equipment and educational resources. What started as a business focusing on mobility scooters grew to include all kinds of mobility products. You can shop for the most reliable mobility products at Mobility Paradise.

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