Thu, 01 Jun 2023

Sometimes it takes a big jolt like the recent pandemic to awaken us to that which really matters. Like living healthy, eating right, and breathing well. The air around us is just not the external air of the surrounding environment enveloping us. It also includes the air in our homes and offices where we spend a substantial amount of time, unconsciously breathing in everything laden with that air. We all need fresh and clean air for our survival and good health. As part of routine home maintenance, homeowners like you are becoming conscious of clean indoor air, and looking after your HVAC system and its air ducts is a large part of it. Many property owners and tenants are investing in duct cleaning Melbourne service experts as a way to safeguard their home environment and internal air quality.

Of course, there are many of you who opt for DIY methods to clean your air ducts whereas others resort to regular check and repair through the intervention of duct repair Melbourne service specialists.

Which is the better way-DIY or reaching for a professional?

You might think that you could save a bit of time and money by tackling the entire process of air duct cleaning yourself. You might have seen a few YouTube videos and online tutorials and feel you can do it. Air duct cleaning is very vital for the proper functioning of your heating and cooling system. But air ducts carry suspended particles in them that get back into our indoor air. So cleaning them well is essential for our health and the health of our machines. Let us see DIY and professional duct cleaning and what they mean.

Apart from giving you comfortable room temperature during hot and cold seasons, your HVAC system is very important in your life. To be specific air ducts of your HVAC system are an integral component of your air conditioning unit. Your unit recycles and circulates the air around your home. As you use your HVAC system your air ducts gather a lot of suspended elements like dust, debris, dirt, mold, mildew, Pet dander, particulate from pest droppings, cigarette smoke, etc. If you do not clean or focus on air duct cleaning these elements build up inside the ducts and air vents and get back inside the rooms of your house adversely affecting the health of you and your loved ones. If you have sensitive members in your family, the elderly or children dirty air ducts trigger asthma and other breathing issues.

DIY Duct Cleaning: If you live in a residence that is old, the chances of your air ducts being an ideal place for contaminant accumulation are pretty high. These include mold, mildew, dust, allergens, and pet hair, etc. If you observe uneven heating or cooling zones in different parts of your rooms, unusual settling of dust on your furniture in spite of dusting, and family members getting allergies, it might be that your ducts are clogged.

By cleaning the ducts on your own the main benefit you get is of course the cost. If you have small machines the cleaning may be managed with basic tools like a vacuum cleaner, a brush, and a cloth. Remove the protective covering of air ducts. Using your tools clean the inside of the air ducts. But since ductwork is spread in concealed areas your efforts at a proper cleaning will be only half done as you do not have appropriate tools to check deep inside the ducts. So the chances of it getting dirty soon are very high. Remember DIY approach is doable and may be adopted but air ducts contribute to indoor air quality and you have to think about the health risks.

Since you are not trained well enough about other components of the HVAC system you might miss out on issues of other components which a professional duct cleaning Melbourne expert would not.

HVAC units are not exactly inexpensive. More so they are very important for your household, so before you attempt DIY cleaning ask yourself if you are

  • Experienced enough to handle the entire cleaning?
  • Will be able to give proper time to the cleaning process?
  • Am I equipped with all the right tools including the ones for inspection?
  • What if I mishandle any component and cause damage
  • Will my cleaning be adequate or should I ring in duct cleaning Melbourne specialists?

Professional air duct cleaning: These are services you can avail yourself of from HVAC experts to remove dirt, debris, dust, spores, pollen, mold, and other suspended particulates from inside your ducts. The process might take the technicians a few hours depending on factors like home size and how extensive the ductwork is.

Using a special vacuum, brushes, and other tools the air duct serviceman will inspect and clean ducts, motors, coils, fans, registers, drain pans, and air handlers.

The main benefits of hiring professional duct cleaning services are that-

Reasonable cost and money saver

If you truly place the DIY method next to the professional cleaners, the latter beats the former any day. As professional companies have an experienced skilled team, they possess the technical know-how of the best ways of deep cleaning. They also have access to the best equipment like high-powered vacuums, and air duct cleaners that reach the concealed areas those DIY methods cannot. Also when the technician inspects the air ducts he can sniff out other potential issues that may rise in the HVAC components. This can help prevent any emergency breakdown and issues that could have cropped up in the future. So it saves you money in the long run. In short, your air ducts are safer with duct repair Melbourne services as they not only clean, they also repair to perfection.

Authorized certification

Professional air duct cleaning companies have the necessary certification from authorized bodies to give you the best levels of execution and professionalism. They also provide a series of other cleaning services like dryer vent cleaning, new ducts, old ducts, and furnace duct cleaning.

Extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit

Failure to maintain your HVAC units will clog their air ducts. This in turn causes the system to work harder to give the desirable result. This causes stress on the system and this makes it consume more electricity. As a result, it raises the power bills and increases costs for you. Professional duct cleaning helps avoid all this where you have a perfectly functioning unit and reduced energy bills.

To conclude no matter how earnest your DIY efforts are the professionals will do a perfect job and ensure you get clean indoor air that is healthy, fresh and safeguards your overall well-being, and extends your HVAC unit's life. Professional cleaning services also include services that are concerned with a chimney sweep, dryer vents, fire damage, water damage, mold remediation, etc.


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