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Boost-Like  is the best place to buy installs on android in 2023. We have all needed tools, targeting and provide reasonable pricing for our packages. Buying Android installs is not an easy walk as of 2023. Most issues with Android installs services is the number of offers on the Internet. There are dozens of pay per download services that are ready to deliver you the installs. But let us choose the best one. First off, you need to follow this guide and check if you have everything included:

  1. Do they provide instant android installs?
  2. Do they provide pay per install packages or custom packages?
  3. Do they provide drip feed mode of delivery?
  4. Do they provide GEO targeting?
  5. Do they provide language targeting?
  6. Can you buy android installs with paypal on their services?
  7. Does this website have active support and reply to your questions?

Note, Boost-Like contains everything you need to boost your application on Google Play.

The best place to buy Android Installs

As an Android application developer, you must be excited to get your creation downloaded by the world's netizens. You want the world to enjoy your Android application as an answer to their needs quickly. Plus, you must be looking forward to your app ranking high in the Google Play Store's searches. You surely want the world's technology and mobile-savvy people to benefit from your hard work.

However, did you know that just a small quantity of Android applications succeed in the Google Play Store? Yes, in fact, the majority of them get shoved and fall into oblivion. This reality must have made you feel anxious. After all, you spent your precious time, energy, and money building your dream Android application.

You should not worry, though, because there is a solution: Buy Android installs! That is right, and this method is among the best techniques you can resort to for you to succeed in the digital world. Read more here to discover how you can help your Android application become a success.


Creating an Android application is the primary job of an Android application developer. Your objective is to help the world's mobile gadgets and Internet users in resolving their problems.

Additionally, yours is a fantastic and coveted journey as you can share your prized application with the world. Once you have completed making your Android application, your next step is to publish it on the Google Play Store.

You can get to this step once you are completely certain that your application does not have any issues, it looks perfect, and the help material and guide about it are already prepared. Plus, when your Android app's customer service is already set up, you are now ready to get your creation published in the Google Play Store.

This step may be a significant component of an Android application's life. Nevertheless, did you know that your creation is still incomplete? It also has a high chance of getting dumped and forgotten in the Google Play Store.

You may ask why. First of all, Google Play Store works like search engine optimization, which is a website's objective. It utilizes the same algorithms to monitor your Android application's "life story" or journey in the platform.

Moreover, Google Play Store gathers information about your application, like how users searched for specific keywords describing your product and the amount of time they spent looking for a particular app. Google Play Store also collects data related to how long users utilized an application and the number of people who downloaded it on their digital devices.

If Google Play Store discovers that your Android application has a high number of installs, then you can smile from ear to ear. After all, this factor translates to your creation getting a higher ranking in searches.

On the other hand, if your Android application has a low installs count, it is less likely for it to get listed atop the search results. This adverse situation consequently leads to users becoming less likely to install your Android application on their digital devices.

With this problematic scenario, your creation can be among the rest of the Android applications shoved to drawers and relegated to oblivion and extinction. As you can see, even if you have already published your app in the Google Play Store, it does not guarantee that it will be a success.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you buy Android installs. This solution can lead you to thrive as an application developer.


Countless Android applications are in Google Play Store, and yours can be among them. Your creation may be better than others. But you may still discover that it is not successful in Google Play Store because of low installs count, low application ranking, negative reviews, and many other possible reasons. Do not panic, though. You can buy Android app installs to solve your problem. When you Google the expressions "Android buy installs" and "Buy installs Android," you will learn that it is an effective technique for you to safely move your Android application within Google Play Store's algorithm in a positive direction or upwards.

When you decide to buy Android installs, what happens basically is you are purchasing several downloads which must be relevant to specific searches. The Android installs will greatly increase your application's success.

Trusted service providers perform custom application installations based on the number of installs you bought. Plus, the larger the Android app installs package you purchase, the more secure and better your creation will be for your users.

The following benefits are some of the numerous advantages you can enjoy when you buy Android app installs:

  1. You can relish the effective promotion of your Android application.

Googling "Buy installs Android" lets you know that you can get noticed by thousands of new users. If you purchase Android installs, you can enjoy this unique chance, which is a great way to market your Android application online.

  1. You can save more of your precious time and hard-earned money.

Highly-rated companies that allow you to buy Android installs offer their products at unbeaten prices. Thus, you get to save your money. You also can save more of your time in advertising because real people and real devices are involved in the high-quality installs you get. These great features can help you get more downloads.

  1. The Android application installs boost your ranking in searches.

Purchasing Android application installs can help you get more downloads or installs essential for your Android application. As a result, more users will get enticed to your creation, downloading the app, and facilitating it to rank higher in searches in the Google Play Store. It would be best if you surely do not think twice. You should buy Android installs because you will notice that your app rank will gradually improve, as well as your application downloads and views. You will notice these positive changes in your application's metrics in merely a matter of a few days after buying a package. Users' feedback or ratings will also multiply and drive your product forward. Therefore, you must begin now by choosing a trusted service provider.


It is completely legal to buy Android app installs. Plus, you can get the benefits you deserve if you chose the right service provider. There are plenty of them online, and you may find it challenging to select. Digital companies that are the best websites to buy Android installs typically have the following six attributes:

  1. The best service provider offers competitive prices.

The company that lets you purchase Android installs offers its products at reasonable costing. With the number-one service provider, you can buy cheap Android installs. Starter packages can be as affordable as US$20, while the premium package can be as high as US$400. You will not feel disappointed with these products' unbeatable prices you cannot find elsewhere.

  1. You get the number of Android application installs you bought.

Top companies where you can avail yourself of Android installs offer guaranteed products. These trusted firms have sold many Android Application installs, leaving their clients satisfied. They also let you get covered by a 100-percent refund policy.

  1. The Android application installs are from genuine people.

Do you worry about getting your hard-earned money squandered on fake installs? You do not have to anymore with top service providers. Their offerings come from real users from around the world. This benefit is safer and gives you higher chances of getting more interest in your Android application. Hence, with real and high-quality installs, you can be sure that your Android application or account will not get compromised.

  1. You can save yourself from automatic software and bots.

Buying Android application installs from premium companies lets you benefit from installs from real mobile devices. Yes, you surely do not have to worry about bots or automatic software because they only let you purchase 100-percent real installs. You can also say farewell to low-quality and cheap installs and Virtual Private Network o VPN.

  1. You can enjoy dependable customer support service.

After you buy Android installs, you may have more queries or need help in resolving some issues. Top-rated service providers usually have a highly responsive customer service team. They are available via e-mail, live chat, or Skype and can provide you with the essential advice regarding your purchase and your application's improvement.

  1. Trusted sellers have more offerings that will enhance your Android application.

Besides the high-quality Android application installs, some highly rated companies offer more perks to customers like you. Among these offerings in their premium packages are:

  1. Status report, which you can get following the installs' completion;
  2. Geo-targeting, which lets you select different territories;
  3. Short Word application description, which consists of a brief description and title of your Android application;
  4. Top 10 keywords researched for your application;
  5. At least five competitors of your app researched.

As you can see, when you buy Android installs, you get many advantages like promoting your creation worldwide and more. The best service providers aid you in your application's promotion on the Google Play Store as well.

You can discover the top-rated firms on the Internet where you can find plenty of customer reviews. Therefore, you should give Android app installs a try. After all, it is simple to order them and would not take you long.

When you buy Android app installs, you can feel that great sense of assurance that your hard work will not go to waste. You can help the world's netizens via your Android application's wonders.


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