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5 Benefits of Installing a Roof Guardrail

12 Apr 2023, 17:34 GMT+10

Fall deaths from roofing workers account for a whopping 84% of roofing industry deaths.

Whether you are a professional roofer or a DIY'er, working on a roof can be a dangerous job. Fall protection is key in preventing serious injuries or death from falling off the roof.

A fall protection system is an important safety measure you can take to protect yourself from falling off your roof. It will help protect you and prevent hazardous accidents from occurring.

If you are wondering about the benefits of installing a roof guardrail, this short and simple guide is for you.

  1. Easy Installation

The best part about installing a roof guardrail is that it is incredibly easy. Most models come with all the components and hardware needed for installation right away.

The main thing you will need is a drill and screwdriver.

The rest of the installation process is easy. Just follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

  1. Minimal Maintenance

The major advantage of installing a roof guardrail is that it requires minimal maintenance. This is because the rails will last for many years.

The only maintenance you will have to do is clean the guardrail regularly to prevent rust. You can also coat them with a protective sealant for added protection against corrosion.

  1. Increased Safety

A roof guardrail can help prevent accidents while your roof is being worked on. It is a useful tool that can help keep workers safe while they are installing, repairing, or cleaning your roof.

A roofing safety rail will also reduce injuries caused by falls from heights. By having fall protection systems for roofs, it will be easier for you to do your job without worrying about someone falling off of the house.

  1. Avoid Potential Lawsuits

If you do not have a guardrail and someone falls off your roof, they may sue you for negligence.

If you have a guardrail, it will be easier for you to prove that you took precautions to keep workers safe and reduce the risk of accidents. A guardrail can help protect your business from lawsuits by showing that you are taking safety seriously.

  1. Peace of Mind

A guardrail can help you feel more secure on your roof.

It will also give you peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, there is a guardrail to catch them before they fall off the building. If you have never had a guardrail installed on your roof before, it may be time for you to look into getting one installed.

A Roof Guardrail Can Save a Life

A roof guardrail is an important part of any roofing system.

You should always have one installed before working on a roof. Even if you are only doing minor repairs or cleaning, it's still important to use a safety rail.

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